Public Event Entertainment
Don’t underestimate the scale of event entertainment from Game Shows Australia!
Become the star attraction of your next public event!

The Game Show is the perfect way to attract, excite, and win over a crowd in a public area, all while displaying your corporate branding and message in the most eye catching way possible!

Already picked up by Toyota for their AFL Grand Final Week event in Melbourne’s Federation Square, the Game Show allows your company to offer members of the public attending your event, the chance to win products or major prizes in a unique and exciting way that is sure to be different from your competitors.

Include Product Related Questions and Prize Packages

By including a couple of product related questions into the Game Show and inviting members of the public up to compete you can give away product samples and prize packages, all while broadcasting your product information to hundreds of people in a truly memorable way! To really get them talking, why not invite your winners back for another dose of action in a grand final round and offer them the chance to win a major prize! The limit to what you give away really is your own imagination!

Watch the crowds build at your event stand when the high tech podiums light up, the host gets the audience going, and word gets round that you’re offering a fun and easy way for anyone to win fantastic prizes!

Whether it be a fundraiser, an agricultural show, or even the Royal Easter Show, the Game Show is a sure fire way to provide high quality entertainment for your event and get everyone rushing to check you out!