Our Game Shows are the perfect event entertainment for trade shows & exhibitions as they are the ONLY “infotainment” platform of their kind!

We WON first prize for Zurich at the Australian Insurance Convention & Exhibition on the Gold Coast, for best exhibition when using our Game Shows (see image).

With high tech podiums, sound clips, and a fun show format, the game show has proven to attract passersby who can’t help but stop & watch the action!

Add some product or company related questions into the mix and you’re also educating everyone on your product by asking THEM to recall or find information to answer correctly.

Why do these live Game Shows work so well at exhibitions & trade shows?

  • They present information in a fun way that engages the entire audience
  • They attract and HOLD large audiences
  • The whole audience gets involved
  • Questions are tailored to exhibitors by mixing key-point/company questions in with our generic mixed media questions
  • Both contestants & audience members are actively listening for the answers, thus engaging them on a deeper level
  • The display can also be dressed up to completely customise and advertise the brand
  • Because humour is involved, and guests WANT to be there!
Zurich won BEST Trade Show DISPLAY with our Game Shows

Gathering, holding, entertaining & informing a crowd is brilliant, but what about leads?

There are NO limits with our Live Game Shows, guests WANT to partake in the fun. Add in a few prizes & watch the amount of players multiply even more!

One way to fairly select players for teams is by drawing business cards out of a bowl. Watch your target audience quite literally rushing to give you their business cards, resulting in more leads than any other exhibitors!

We have game show units in Sydney. Melbourne, & Brisbane, perfect for exhibitions in multiple cities. Our Game Shows also pack down perfectly and can be transported by air as additional luggage pieces for areas outside of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

While the Game Shows have already won awards for being part of exhibitions already, we are still relatively new to trade shows & exhibitions, meaning that there is a very strong chance that your target audience have not yet experienced this fun way of exhibiting!

This also means that you will engage a larger audience for longer, and you may also win an award for best display or exhibition!

A fantastic way to obtain a database of attendees at trade shows is to choose players from a business card draw. Watch as potential clients drop their business cards into your hands to have a shot at playing & winning at the most fun & refreshing stand at the trade show.

See why our clients have won “Best exhibition” at trade shows.

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